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Self-directed Support

Take Control (South Lanarkshire)

Take Ctrl (South Lanarkshire) is the new Self-Directed Support Service providing information and assistance to enable all eligible people to explore the 4 options for independent living outlined in the Self-Directed Support (Scotland) Act now in force.

Take Ctrl is part of Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL), which is an established Disabled People's Organisation, with many years of experience assisting people to maximise living by helping people gain the information, skills, and support to overcome barriers and make informed choices and can offer support with:

  • Information and training on Self-Directed Support to ensure that you are able to make informed choice about the best way to use your funding
  • Recruiting and managing personal assistants, or engaging with service providers
  • Understanding the responsibilities involved in employing staff
  • Setting up a payroll system if required
  • Meeting council financial monitoring requirements

For more information on the 4 options etc, please contact Agnes

Email:  agnes@takectrl.org.uk

Phone: 01698 892372

Email: infosl@takectrl.org.uk

Take Control (South Lanarkshire)

42 Campbell Street



Take Control have produced some new public information leaflets that may be of interest to you:

Take Control Brochure

Take Control Leaflet

Way to Go

Direct Payments - Pure Dead Brilliant

Passport to Independent Living

They have also produced some short films that gives an insight into individual peoples lives.

Cailean's Story : How having a PA assists Cailen, who is on the autism spectrum, to access a mainstream college course

Susan's Story: how Susan's PA assists with personal care, household tasks and basic health care support

Joan's Story: how Joan is able to maintain employment with support from her PA

Chris's Story: how Chris has achieved the life he wants through his job, the support of family and his PA