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Parking zone permit application and renewals

Terms and conditions - Hamilton access permit


  1. Resident – For the purpose of the permit scheme, a resident is defined as a person whose usual place of residence is within an eligible residential property.  
  1. Proof of residence –   In the case of a temporary lease, a copy of the lease document must be provided.   A permit will only be provided for the length of the lease.
  1. Eligible residential property – An eligible residential property is a dwelling house that falls within the boundary of the zone as stated within the relevant Traffic Regulation Order.
  1. Business - For the purpose of the permit scheme, only businesses for which access is essential, can apply giving their reasons for doing so.
  2. Permits – A Hamilton Access Permit entitles the holder to enter Cadzow Street, east of Leechlee Road; Townhead Street; Quarry Street. Partially pedestrianised section; Castle Street, partially pedestrianised section; Keith Street, from Old Cross; Bourne Street during the times the restriction applies (8am to 6pm all week, except in Quarry Street and Castle Street where they apply at all times).  Further details on exact location rules are below.

    5.1  A permit will only be valid within the Access Zone for which it is issued and does not guarantee the use of any particular space.

    5.2 The permit must be clearly displayed so that all relevant details can be read from the outside of the vehicle when accessing or driving within any of the lengths of the streets mentioned above or the driver may be liable to prosecution.

    5.3 Where a permit is lost/damaged this must be reported to South Lanarkshire Council Parking Unit immediately.   If you find your permit after it is replaced you must return it to SLC Parking Unit.  An administration fee of £10 will be charged for lost, damaged or stolen permits.

    5.4 At all times the permit(s) will remain the property of SLC Parking Unit and are to be used solely by the applicant on the vehicle for which it was issued.  Should a permit holder no longer reside in the zone or require access to the zone for which the permit was issued, the permit must be returned to SLC Parking Unit.

    5.5 A permit does not exempt the vehicle from any other restrictions or allow access to any other areas.

    5.6 Where marked parking bays exist, the vehicle must be fully parked within the lines/studs of a parking bay.
  3. Verification of information supplied – SLC Parking Unit reserves the right to carry out verification checks on any information supplied by the applicant in support of their application for an access permit


In terms of Section 115 of the Road Traffic Act 1984, any person who makes a false statement to obtain a parking permit, or with intent to deceive, forges, or alters, or uses, or lends to, or allows to be used, or has in their possession any document so closely resembling any such permit as to be calculated to deceive, is guilty of an offence.

Cadzow Street and Townhead Street

  1. Waiting and loading is prohibited at all times on the running carriageway of those parts of Cadzow Street and Townhead Street located within the restricted area.
  2. While waiting is prohibited in the lay-bys on Cadzow Street and Townhead Street between 8am and 6pm, loading is allowed at all times.
  3. The council has special authorisation from the Scottish Executive to dispense with the yellow lines in this area, which have been replaced by signs at the entrance to the restricted zone.
  4. Vehicular access to Cadzow Street is prohibited between 8am and 6pm, except for buses, taxis, permit holders and vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

Quarry Street and Castle Street

  1. In Quarry Street waiting and loading is prohibited at all times except within the area, on the right-hand side of the road, delineated by road studs.  Waiting, loading, or parking on the footway is prohibited at all times.

    The section of road, within the area delineated by road studs on the right-hand side of the street, can be used to load, unload and wait for up to 30 minutes, between 8am and 6pm every day of the week.  Out-with these times there are no restrictions on the length of time you can park.
  2. On Castle Street, waiting and loading is prohibited at all times other than on the right-hand side of the street.
  3. Vehicular access to Quarry Street and Castle Street is restricted at all times except for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes and those with the respective Quarry Street/Castle Street access permit. 

Your information

Personal data is collected in order to issue your permits.   If you would like more information about how we use your data, please read our privacy policy. Data protection questions can be made to or in writing to the Data Protection Officer, Administrative and Legal Services, Finance and Corporate Resources, Floor 11, Council Offices, Almada Street, Hamilton, ML3 0AA.