School lunches

Primary schools

Breakfast service in primary schools

All primary aged pupils are offered a free breakfast in South Lanarkshire schools. The breakfast menu includes a selection from cereal, yoghurt, toast, fruit juice and milk.

To encourage children to eat healthier food we have modified our school meals service. Our primary and secondary menus include nutritional information in line with the Schools (Nutrition and Health Promotion)(Scotland) Act 2007. Please note our menus may be subject to change due to availability of produce from suppliers.

If your child is in primary 4-7 or attends secondary school they may be entitled to a Free school meal.

Primary school lunches

The Primary School menu (including recipe and nutritional information) consists of a three course meal, including main meal/snack and choice of two items from Pick and Mix selection (soup, fresh fruit, light snack and yoghurt). The children also have access to unlimited bread, salad and vegetables to supplement their meal.

For menu items served over lunchtime we also provide allergens and nutritional content which is as accurate as possible but should be considered advisory.

Primary school meal costs:

  • Primary 1-3 are free
  • Primary 4-7 is £1.75

There will be changes to the menu