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School lunches

Special diets

If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons, you should obtain a Special, medically prescribed diet, or intolerance registration form from the school office and send with an accompanying letter from a medical practitioner or dietician confirming the specific details of the diagnosis to Facilities Services.

Any pupil who requires a Vegan or Halal menu can do so through our Special diet request form also available from the school office.

Once the form is processed you will be contacted by member of Menu Development Team to discuss your child’s dietary needs. A record will then be kept in the Menu Development data base and the school kitchen. All catering staff will be made aware of your child’s diet requirements.

You will be contacted with new proposed special diet menu plan for your child at every menu cycle change. Please note that it’s your responsibility to inform us about changes in your child dietary needs/changes of school, contact details, etc.