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School lunches

Theme days

On Thursday 4 May our Primary Street party menu will be returning to celebrate the Kings Coronation which takes place that weekend. Your school will confirm to you if they are participating in this theme day. Should your child require an adaptation due to a special diet the school office will be able to confirm the menu to you. 

Red party platter - pizza, wedges, ham sandwich, cucumber batons, carrot batons 

Blue party platter - sausage pastry, wedges, cheese sandwich, cucumber batons, carrot batons 

Dessert - iced sponge and melon slices 

Yellow party platter (ve) - vegan sausage pastry, wedges, cheese wrap, cucumber baton, carrot batons 

Dessert - jelly and melon slices

The nursery menu will differ slightly, please contact your child's nursery for more details.

Theme day menus introduce healthy and nutritionally balanced food that some children may not have tasted before.

Menus are designed to be fun and encourage those who would normally go home for lunch or bring in a packed lunch to try school lunches instead.

Lunchtime is not just for filling an empty stomach, it's a time to chat and develop social skills. By encouraging as many pupils as possible to take part in theme days more children can enjoy a healthy meal with their friends.

Theme days are organised in Primary and Secondary schools and can include:

  • A theme day to be organised by individual schools based on the curriculum
  • Christmas - A traditional Christmas lunch will be available in December
  • Occasionally other promotions are run throughout the year to highlight and trial new products which can be used in future menus