School lunches

Free school meals

If you claim certain benefits and your child attends a South Lanarkshire school, they may be able to get free school meals. This includes the provision of a free milk for primary pupils.

More information is available on our School clothing grants and free school meals page.

Did you know if you encourage your child/young person to stay in school and use their free meal entitlement you could save £370.50 per academic year per person and £741 for two? Please encourage them to use their allowance and it means you can use your money for something else.

In all schools we operate a school meal system which protects the anonymity of pupils entitled to a free school meal.

Please note within secondary schools the free meal allowance can be used from breakfast service through to lunchtime. We have a new pre-order Fusion App where you can order mid morning snacks and lunches via mobile phone and pick it up during mid morning break or lunch, avoiding the queues.