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Brancumhall Golf Development Centre


Bracnchumhall Golf Development Unit


Located in the St. Leonards area of East Kilbride next to St.Leonards Primary School, Brancumhall is a 9 hole pay as you play pitch and putt course.

The course is an excellent place to enjoy 9 holes of golf with friends or family. The facility has a Starters Office where you pay the small green fee and hire clubs if required for the round. Although you can turn up and play at the first available time, it is advisable to call in advance to book your tee time as the course can be busy at peak times.

The course is perfect for golfers learning the game so we have regular coaching available as well.

Pitch and putt price (per round)

This table contains information on price per round of pitch and putt at Brancumhall
Age group / concession Price
Adult £4.20
Adult concession £2.10
Senior citizen £2.10
Junior £2.10
Junior concession £1.05


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