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Drama development

Drama Development

We are committed to promoting drama as a powerful art form and social tool within the community.

We run an on-going programme of classes, courses, summer schools, workshops, seminars, residencies, performances and exciting one-off events.  There's something for everyone including our well established In2act classes and acclaimed ACME Theatre company for adults.

Our wide ranging programme of arts courses and classes is designed to accommodate all needs, ages and abilities.  Courses mostly run in four terms, commencing August, October, January and April. However at East Kilbride Arts Centre course terms commence in August, January and April. 

Further information is available on our Courses and classes page and in the ACE children's activities programmes.

Our Drama Development Officer aims to develop all drama styles, as well as providing training and performing opportunities. We also are dedicated to attracting the best national and international theatre companies to South Lanarkshire venues.

For further information on drama development please contact:

Arts Development Office
Tel: 01698 452 299

The charges for this service vary.

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