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Health suite - Coalburn Leisure Complex

Health suite


No bookings required, walk-ins only.

Reduced numbers – first come first served. Customers are asked to limit their stay in the Health Suite to one hour during busy periods.

Sauna / Steam Room maximum times 15 mins. Seating/relaxation area in use.

Access to the Swimming Pool may not be available during certain times/sessions. Please see our Pool Timetable for more information

Water cooler available, bring your own refillable bottle.

Please note: under 16s are not permitted to use the health suite.

Table of facilities in Coalburn Leisure Complex health suite
Facility Purpose
Sauna Dry heat for detoxification
Steam Room Humid heat for skin hydration with eucalyptus milk injected into the steam
Spa Bath Warm pool of massaging bubbles
Relaxation Area Water fountain and television

Opening times as for the centre.


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