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Your recycling bins

Blue bin

The following items can be put in your blue recycling bin:

  • paper such as newspapers, magazines, catalogues, envelopes, leaflets and telephone directories (including yellow pages), junk mail, envelopes, office paper, wrapping paper
  • cardboard such as clean packaging card (food and non-food), greetings cards and books

Light grey bin

The following items can be put in your light grey recycling bin:

  • mixed plastics - rinsed out clear and coloured drinks bottles, mineral water bottles, squash bottles, detergent bottles, bleach and cleaning fluid bottles, shampoo bottles, trays, pots and tubs (please rinse out to avoid contamination)
  • metals including cans, aluminium foil and trays, tins and aerosols (please rinse out cans and tins to avoid contamination)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Pringles crisps containers

If you feel your recycling bin is not big enough and you would like to apply to upgrade please see the Order a new bin page.

For more information on What goes in your bin please see the Bins and recycling pages.