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Do I need planning permission?

Extensions - single storey

If you want to build a single-storey ground floor extension to your house or flat you may need planning permission.

You will need planning permission if your property falls into any of these categories:

  • your property is a flat, or is within a tenement or a four-in-a-block
  • your house is within a conservation area. (To check the conservation areas within South Lanarkshire please see our conservation areas page)
  • any part of the extension will be in front of a wall forming part of the principal elevation or side elevation, where that elevation faces onto a road
  • the extension is on, or within one metre of a boundary and it projects from the rear wall of the existing house by more than three metres in the case of a terraced house, or by four metres in all other cases
  • the eaves of the extension be higher than three metres
  • the overall height of the extension be higher than four metres
  • the area of ground covered by the existing house and the extension is more than twice the area of ground covered by the original house
  • the area of ground covered by the extension and any other extensions or outbuildings or garages within the front or rear (including side) curtilage of the house (excluding the original house and any hard surface or decking) exceed 50% of the area of the front or rear curtilage respectively (excluding the ground area of the original house and any hard surface or decking).

If your property doesn't come into any of the above categories then you do not need to apply for planning permission.

See also: Definitions - curtilage, principal elevation and road.