Roads in winter

What we do

We make sure, as far as possible, that main roads are safe and clear to use.

But, its not practical or affordable to grit all roads and footpaths. No council can do this.

We grit about 52% of our roads when ice or snow is forecast; which is more than the Scottish average of 47%.

We also grit main footpaths in town centres when ice or snow is forecast. If there has been a lot of snow we will clear and grit other main footpaths. Generally, though footpaths in residential areas will not be gritted.

We can call on our fleet of 39 gritters, 2 mini-gritters, one snowblower, 18 footway tractors and five loaders. Our road workers (more than 150 of them) use these to salt the roads, clear snow and keep roads and footpaths maintained by us in a safe condition.

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