Roads in winter

Gritting routes

Precautionary gritting routes

Precautionary gritting routes are the roads we treat when snow or ice is forecast. They cover about 52% (1,190 km) of the South Lanarkshire road network and include:

  • routes to hospitals, schools, ambulance depots, fire stations and police stations
  • class A and B roads
  • roads in Clydesdale that are the only way in and out of towns and villages
  • main roads in urban areas

Some routes can however take up to four hours to grit them completely.

You can see the precautionary gritting routes on a map. Put in your postcode and they will be shown in pink.

Who grits what

Who grits what
Road/car park Responsibility
Access roads within schools Education Resources.
Roads and Transportation grit the main roads, but are not responsible for gritting roads or car parks on school grounds.
Private (unadopted) roads Property owner(s)
Car parks at stations The council for all main public car parks, as well as those at park and ride stations.
Network Rail for car parks at Hamilton West, East Kilbride and Uddingston stations.
Supermarket car parks The owner or operator of the car park.
Doctors surgeries The local practice.
Hospital car parks NHS Lanarkshire/NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in hospital grounds.

For more information see the winter service policy and procedures 2019-2020.