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Swim Skills 2

Level 2-improvers swimming lessons at South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture

Entry Criteria


  • 4 years of age minimum
  • Swim width of tank unaided on front
  • Enter and exit water without help
  • Put face in water
  • Kick width of tank on back with or without float


  • Be part of a class
  • Take part without a carer or 1-1 help
  • Cope with change of depth of water


To increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique


  • Introduce and progress new core aquatic skills
  • Develop stroke technique to include all four strokes
  • Introduce Diving (pool permitting)
  • Develop awareness and feel for the water through a variety of core aquatic skills

Content Areas (Core aquatic skill area in bold)

  • Submerging and aquatic breathing – to include submerging feet first, head first (surface diving) plus bilateral breathing for front crawl
    a. Introduce bi-lateral breathing for front crawl
    b. Surface dives for objects
    c. Jump from side and submerge
    d. Sitting dive from side (pool permitting)
  • Streamlining – extended push and glides plus kicking action for front crawl and back crawl concentrating on correct body position
    a. Submerge and push and glide from wall on front and back
    b. Push and glide in streamlined position leading into full stroke
    front and back encourage holding of shape / position.
    c. Backstroke legs, one arm extended back above head in a
    streamlined position.
  • Propulsion – leg kick on all four strokes, progressing to arm
    a. Front crawl with introduction of bi-lateral breathing
    b. Back crawl maintaining leg kick with continuous arm action
    c. Breaststroke leg action and pulling movements
    d. Undulation with kick, arms by side, arms extended and submerged front and back
    e. Butterfly dolphin movement attempting arm action
  • Rotation – rotation round the horizontal axis
    a. Perform a handstand; body should be vertical with legs extended
    b. Demonstrate somersault forward and backwards in tucked position
  • Sculling – scull retaining body position
    a. Demonstrate figure of eight, hand sculling movement in standing position
    b. Scull travelling head first on back
    c. Introduce sculling on front
  • Treading water – introduce treading water
    a. Introduce treading water with a variety of possible leg actions

Exit Criteria - Swim Skills 2

  • Demonstrate a push and glide with leg kick for 5 metres holding streamline position
  • Kick on front and back for a minimum 15 metres
  • Swim front crawl with regular breathing for a minimum 15 metres
  • Swim back crawl consistently for a minimum 15 metres
  • Demonstrate Breaststroke leg kick
  • Scull for 10 metres head first on back supported
  • Head first surface dive to collect object on bottom of pool (minimum depth 1.2 metres)

Swim Officers

If you want more information on our swimming courses or you would like to book a place, please contact the Swim Officer at the facility you wish to use.​​​​​​​

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