School lunches

We provide more than 4.8 million school meals each year. Every menu is nutritionally analysed to ensure it provides the correct healthy balance every growing child needs.

Menus have been designed to ensure the pupils receive the essential nutrients and vitamins with more fruit and vegetables and less food containing high amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Chips are only available once a week as part of a main meal in our schools.

Our menus reflect seasonal changes, allowing the pupils to enjoy different foods that are in season.

All meals include fresh chilled drinking water, which meets the requirements of the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007. Milk will still be provided for those pupils entitled to free school meals at morning break or lunchtime. Other pupils wishing to buy at breakfast service, where applicable, morning break and lunchtime can purchase at a cost of 20p.

To comply with allergen legislation, all our schools have information regarding the 14 declarable allergens and display posters in the dining room directing anyone with an allergy to the Cook in Charge. In addition allergen information on every meal served in our schools can be downloaded from our Primary school menu - allergens and nutrition and Secondary school menu - allergens pages.

If your child has any dietary needs, food allergies or intolerances please pick up a Special, medically prescribed diet, or intolerance registration form at your child's school. See further information on the Special diets page.

To comment on school meals you can email us at or complete and post/email the primary schools Go Fresh Club school meals comments card or Secondary school meals comments card.

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