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Guide to the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Class 1: About South Lanarkshire Council

This class includes information about South Lanarkshire Council, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

General Information about South Lanarkshire Council

Council main headquarters

Map and directions to Council HQ, Hamilton

Directory of South Lanarkshire Council main offices including opening hours

How to contact us

Customer service enquiry - online form

Our management structure

Council departments

Comments and complaints

Publication Scheme and Guide to information

Charging schedule for information under FOISA

Charging schedule for information under EI(S)R

How to request information from South Lanarkshire Council

Facts, figures, statistics and area profiles about South Lanarkshire

External relations

Community Planning 

Single outcome agreement


Biodiversity partnership


Outdoor access

Seniors Together

Sustainability partnership

Youth partnership

Reports to regulators

HMIe Inspection follow-through reports - Primary Schools

HMIe Inspection follow-through reports - Secondary Schools

HMIe Inspection follow-through reports - Additional Support Needs Schools

HMIe Inspection follow-through reports - Early years

Annual report and accounts

South Lanarkshire Council annual report and accounts

Performance reporting

The Reporter - information about the Council's financial performance

South Lanarkshire View

Council performance

Annual performance report

Corporate planning

Council Plan - Connect

Council Performance

Plans and policies

Resource plans

Community and Enterprise Resources Plan 

Education Resources Plan

Finance and Corporate Resources Plan 

Housing and Technical Resources Plan 

Social Work Resources Plan 

Legal framework

Political management documents  (Standing orders on procedures, Standing orders on contracts, Scheme of delegation, Terms of reference, financial regulations, Councillor code of conduct)

How the authority is run

Good Governance

Governance reports

Chief Officers - Corporate Management Team


Elected members remuneration

Elected members - register of interest (view under each Councillor's entry) 

Council ward boundary maps

Publication Scheme


South Lanarkshire Council
Council Offices, Floor 2
Almada Street
Email: Publication Scheme