Your homeless interview

We understand discussing personal circumstances with us may be daunting to some applicants. As such, information has been included below to help you prepare for your initial interview.

The interview is to help us gather information and assess the best way to help you. Firstly, we need to determine whether you are homeless or threatened with homeless. The more information you give us about your circumstances at this stage, the easier it will be for us to make the right decision and help you. It is important that you tell us your circumstances as they are, don’t try to make it sound better or worse than it actually is. 

What to expect at the interview:

  • it will last around an hour and take place in a private room
  • you can bring a friend, relative or support worker
  • you can ask for a same sex officer to interview you
  • you can ask for help if you have hearing, speech or sight problems
  • we will always treat any information you give us as confidential

What should I bring to the interview?

  • details of current or last secure address
  • identification (e.g. passport, drivers licence, DWP letter)
  • national Insurance Number
  • information on any dependent children (e.g. birth certificate)
  • information relating to any tenancy that’s about to end
  • income related information including payslips or bank statements

Questions we may ask:

We need to find out how you became homeless or why you are at risk of homelessness. As such, we may ask you about:

  • where you previously lived
  • how you became homeless or are threatened by homelessness
  • what you think we can do to help
  • any support needs you have
  • any legal advice you need

Homelessness services (out of hours)

Phone: 0800 24 20 24

Local housing office

Our offices are closed until further notice. If you need to contact us the best way to do this is by email or phone.

Phone: 0303 123 1012