Your homeless application

When you contact us, we will offer you an interview with a trained housing officer to discuss your situation. More information on what this entails, and what you need to bring, has been included in the next section.

What happens next?

After your initial interview, we aim to make a decision within 28 days. We will always tell you our decision in writing. If we are not able to make a decision within 28 days, we will write to let you know why.

We will always keep a copy of the letter at our office for you to collect if you do not have an address for us to send it to.

Our decision and offer of housing

If we decide that you:

  • are homeless;
  • are not homeless intentionally; and
  • have a local connection (more information on this below);

we will make you an offer of housing as soon as possible.

Although we will take account of the areas you want to live in, we cannot always guarantee that it will be possible to offer you housing in the area you want. You can get more information about this from any of our local housing offices or within the Council’s Housing Allocation Policy.  

What if I don’t agree with your decision?

If you think we have made the wrong decision, you have the right to appeal for up to 21 days after the date of our decision. You will receive further information on this process with your decision letter.  

What is a local connection?

You may have a local connection in South Lanarkshire if you:

  • have lived in the area for at least 6 months
  • have lived in South Lanarkshire for 6 months in the last year, or for at least 3 years in the last 5
  • have close family living in South Lanarkshire
  • work or attend further education in the area
  • are fleeing domestic abuse from another area

If you need to live in South Lanarkshire for other reasons, please tell us and we will take these into account. However, this does not guarantee that we will accept that you have a local connection.  If you do not have a local connection to South Lanarkshire, we will refer you to the council area where you have a connection.

Homelessness services (out of hours)

Phone: 0800 24 20 24

Local housing office

Our offices are closed until further notice. If you need to contact us the best way to do this is by email or phone.

Phone: 0303 123 1012