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Your homelessness decision

The Housing Officer will aim to carry out all required investigations and provide you with a letter detailing the outcome of your Homelessness Application within 28 Days.

If the outcome advises that you are either

Not Homeless or Threatened with Homelessness

  • The Housing Officer will provide you with Housing Advice and information regarding your Housing Options.

    Intentionally Homeless

  • The Housing Officer will provide you with advice and assistance and can assist with you in obtaining permanent accommodation within other sectors.

Unintentionally Homeless but No Local Connection to South Lanarkshire

  • The Housing Officer will make a referral to the Local Authority where you do have a local connection. While waiting on the outcome of the referral you will be offered temporary accommodation. 

Where the Housing Officer’s decision is that you

  • are Homeless
  • have found to be Not Homeless Intentionally and

Your application will be placed on the Urgent Homeless List and we will make you an offer of permanent secure accommodation. 

Your Housing Officer will arrange with you to discuss the Housing Options available to you and complete your Personal Housing Plan. Although we will take account of the areas you want to live in, we cannot always guarantee that it will be possible to offer you housing in the area you want, and you may require to make compromises. You will be made one offer of housing from the Urgent Homeless list which will take account of the information and choices you made within your Personal Housing Plan

You can get more information about this from your Housing Officer or our Allocation Policy.

Office hours – 8.45am - 4.45pm – 0303 123 1012 Options 5

Out with office hours – 4.45pm – 8.45am – 0800 24 20 24