General privacy notice

Photography and filming permission

You have been asked to complete this form because you, or your child, has been asked to take part in filming or a photo shoot. Children aged 13 and over should complete this themselves. The image and associated information will be used to positively promote the council or partnership services, community events or school achievements.

Associated information kept by us will include name, address, email and phone number and where appropriate the name of the school or group and the ages of those who took part. We will only share names, school/group names and ages when distributing images/film with the media and will only publish these elements on our own channels and in publications, if your approval is given.

If you are taking part in a group event withdrawing your consent will mean the entire set of images and films will be need to be deleted or redone at a cost to the council and its citizens.

The images and films we create will be destroyed within three years, unless of significant historical interest. In this case the information will be stored securely at our archives and records centre.

Where the images and associated information is published in the national or local media, or on social media this information may be stored outside the EU.

You can withdraw consent to the future use of your personal (or your child’s) information by emailing

If consent is not provided then you cannot take part in any photography or filming event.

You have the right to ask us to:

  • confirm that we are using personal information about you, detail what that information is, to whom we have disclosed your information and a copy of the information that we have about you (the right of access)
  • correct any incorrect or misleading personal information that we have about you (the right to rectification)
  • stop using any or all of your personal information (the right to object)
  • delete or destroy your personal information (the right to erasure)
  • stop using your personal information until we can look into correcting your personal information or our justification for using your personal information or to stop us deleting your personal data where you have withdrawn your consent but need it in connection with any legal claims (the right of restriction)
  • pass your personal information to someone else

For more information, how to get a paper copy or how to complain to the Information Commissioner see our Data protection page.

For more information on how we use and handle your information and rights and how to exercise them or how to make a complaint you can ask for a copy of the council’s explanation from our Data Protection officer by emailing or see our general privacy notice.

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