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Most popular forms

Birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates

Bulk uplift request

Council Tax - account number request

Council Tax - Change of details from an agent, landlord or solicitor

Food waste liner request

Money Matters Advice Service enquiry

Non-emergency repairs

Order a new recycling bin

Report a lighting fault

Report a roads fault

All online forms

Benefits and money advice

Bacs payment details (Clothing grant)

Benefits enquiry

Community care grant application

Crisis grant application

Crisis or Community Care Grant - Submission of evidence

Direct payment to landlords

Debt enquiry

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application

Education benefits enquiry

Education Maintenance Allowance

Free sanitary provision order

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction application

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction change of circumstance

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction submission of evidence form

Housing benefit and Council Tax reduction - Self employed earnings information

Request a review – Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

Bins and recycling

Bulk uplift request

Food waste liner order form

Hazardous waste query

Help with your bin if you are physically unable

Order a new recycling bin

Report a damaged recycling bin

Waste and grounds enquiry

Business and trade

Business advice

Consumer complaint

Food business registration

Non-domestic rates account enquiries

Non-domestic rates change to the owner, occupier or tenant

Non-domestic rates Direct Debit

Non-domestic rates empty property relief

Non-domestic rates energy relief

Non-domestic rates - Fresh start relief

Non-domestic rates - other reliefs (Day nursery, Disabled relief, Rural relief and Place of worship exemption)

Non-domestic rates - retail, hospitality and leisure relief

Non-domestic rates - Relief for charities and non-profit organisations

Non-domestic rates - Relief for sports clubs

Non-domestic rates - Short term (partly occupied) relief

Non-domestic rates - submission of evidence 

Non-domestic rates - transitional relief

Non-domestic rates - Business growth accelerator relief

Small business bonus relief

Community and recreation

Report construction noise

Report dog barking

Report noise from commercial properties

Report noise from neighbours

Report a rogue trader

Council Tax

Council Tax - account enquiry

Council Tax - bill dispute

Council Tax - Change of address

Council Tax - Change of details from an agent, landlord or solicitor

Council Tax - changes to your household

Council Tax - Direct Debit

Council Tax - Discount for a non British spouse and/or dependant of a student

Council Tax - Discount for a second home

Council Tax - Discount for a single person

Council Tax - Discount for a purpose built holiday home

Council Tax - Discount for care leavers

Council Tax - Discount for child benefit being paid for someone over 18

Council Tax - Discount for tied properties

Council Tax - Exemption for agricultural purposes

Council Tax - Exemption for a person under 18 years of age

Council Tax - Exemption for housing association

Council Tax - Exemption for members of a religious community

Council Tax - long term care discount or exemption

Council Tax - person in prison or other form of detainment

Council Tax - Report end of unoccupied property entitlement

Council Tax - Student discount or exemption

Council Tax - Student unoccupied property exemption

Council Tax submission of evidence form

Council Tax - Unoccupied furnished/unfurnished

Council Tax - unoccupied property for sale or let

Council Tax exemption - deceased estate

Council Tax exemption - In care, providing care and care leavers

Council Tax exemption - Physical or mental disability

Council Tax exemption - Property held by a charity or religious body

Council Tax exemption – repossessed/bankrupt

Council Tax exemption - Training schemes and apprenticeships

Council Tax - Property undergoing major repair/awaiting demolition/occupation prohibited by law

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction submission of evidence form

Water and waste water exemption

Council and government

Comments, compliments and complaints

Council invoice - Direct Debit

Ideas Letterbox

Education and learning

Apply for an early learning and childcare place

Clothing grant/free school meals application

Early learning and childcare application

Early years enquiry

Early years exemptions of charges

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Education Resources enquiry

Music tuition

National Entitlement Card (NEC) requests

Primary school placing request

Primary school registration

Privilege transport for pupils living outwith South Lanarkshire

School transport

Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme

Secondary school placing request

Secondary school registration


Allotment application

Report burning garden waste

Report dangerous tree

Report dark smoke

Report dust and grit

Report smoke from domestic chimney

Report traffic pollution and engine idling

Housing and homelessness

Anti social behaviour

Applying for a house

Building insurance quote enquiry

Care of gardens application

Changes to your tenancy - add someone to your tenancy

Changes to your tenancy - allow someone to move in

Changes to your tenancy - become a council tenant's lodger

Changes to your tenancy - become a joint tenant

Changes to your tenancy - change of name

Changes to your tenancy - move in with a council tenant

Changes to your tenancy - mutual exchange

Changes to your tenancy - occupancy change

Changes to your tenancy - sign over your tenancy

Changes to your tenancy - sublet your property

Changes to your tenancy - sublet a property from a council tenant

Changes to your tenancy - take over tenancy of someone who has died

Common repair enquiry

Customer participation involvement

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application

Factoring and building insurance change of address

Factoring - Direct Debit

HomeImprove assistance enquiry

Insurance claim request third party

Lock-up and garages

Lock-up - Direct Debit

Mediation referral

Non-emergency repairs

Permission for a tenant to operate a business from home

Permission to alter a council house

Pitch application (gypsy and traveller sites)

Rent - Direct Debit

Licensing and registration

Bereavement services enquiry

Birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates 

Civil ceremony enquiry

Licensing complaint

Pay civil marriage ceremony fee

Pay civil partnership ceremony fee

Pay naming ceremony fee

Planning and building standards

Building standards enquiry

Building warrant search

Land and property ownership enquiry

Planning enforcement

Planning - general enquiry

Planning - make an application

Planning search

Transport and streets

Blue badge - apply or renew

Blue Badge - lost or stolen

Blue Badge - report misuse

Blue Badge review

Community clean-up support

Get my community involved to make South Lanarkshire cleaner

Grit bin - refill or repair

Parking enquiry

Report abandoned vehicles

Report a lighting fault

Report a roads fault

Report dog fouling

Report dangerous tree

Report fly-tipping

Report fly-posting

Report grass needing cut

Report litter issue

Request a dog fouling sign

Request a grit bin

Roads permits and permissions

Social care and health

Adoption enquiry form

Blue Badge review

Blue Badge - lost or stolen

Blue Badge - report misuse

Carer support request

Equipment and adaptations self referral

Fostering information pack request

Seniors Together - contact request form

Social Work enquiry form

Unpaid work request

Customer Services

Comments and complaints

Customer service enquiry

Request for access to information (FOI)